Decision Support System (DSS) Sistem Penentuan Pemukiman Kumuh di Kabupaten Pringsewu Menggunakan Metode K-Means dan Geographic Information System (GIS)

Priyangan, Donny Muda (2018) Decision Support System (DSS) Sistem Penentuan Pemukiman Kumuh di Kabupaten Pringsewu Menggunakan Metode K-Means dan Geographic Information System (GIS). Skripsi thesis, IIB DARMAJAYA.

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ABSTRACT DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM (DSS) DETERMINATION OF SLUM SETTLEMENT IN PRINGSEWU DISTRICT USING KMEANS AND GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEM (GIS) METHODS Donny Muda Priyangan NPM. 1521210010 Based on Law No. 1 of 2011, settlements are part of a residential environment consisting of more than one housing unit that has infrastructure, facilities, public utilities, and has support for other functional activities in urban areas or rural areas. Residential areas are parts of the environment outside protected areas, both in the form of urban and rural areas, which function as the environment of the residence or residential environment and the place of activities that support livelihoods and livelihoods. Settlements are also part of national development that needs to be continuously improved and developed in an integrated, directed, planned, and sustainable manner. An action plan for handling slum areas as a reference for all stake holders in order to achieve the 100-0-100 target in Pringsewu Regency based on the Pringsewu Regent's Decree (SK) concerning Determination of Slum and Slum Settlements Number: B / 280 / KPTS / LT.02 / 2014 On August 18, 2014, the slum area that must be handled with a total area of 46,924 ha. Decision Support System (DSS) Determination System for Slum Settlements in Pringsewu District Using the K-Means Method and Geographic Information System (GIS). This research is a descriptive research. Descriptive method is one of the research methods that aims to collect actual information in detail that describes the symptoms that exist, identify problems or examine the conditions and practices that apply, make comparisons or evaluations and determine what others do in dealing with the same problem and learn from their experience to determine plans and decisions in the future. The results of the study concluded that using the K-Means method and the Geographic Information System GIS could determine the slums in Pringsewu Regency based on predetermined criteria. So as to help the Pringsewu District Government in the development plan for slum settlements and facilitate the Pringsewu District Government in making decisions to determine slums. Keywords: Decision Support System, Slum Settlement, K-Means, GIS

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