Suharyanto, Cosmas Eko and Kesuma Harahap, Andi and Alfandianto, Alex (2020) HOME SAFETY: DESAIN KEAMANAN GAS LPG DENGAN SENSOR PENDETEKSI KEBOCORAN. Jurnal Informatika, 20 (1).

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ABSTRACT Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a diversion program undertaken by the government and become a modern household items today. LPG consists of a mixture of propane and butane which is a highly flammable chemical. This gas is an odorless gas, therefore, Ethanethiol is added as a strong aroma. The risk of the use of LPG is leakage of gas tube or gas hose. Gas leakage can couse explosion or fire resulting in many deaths and injuries. Governments have to disseminate the home safety of LPG and train how to mitigate household accident. This work aimed to minimize the possibility of fire and created a tool that is able to detect leakage of LPG using gas sensor and Arduino Uno. We create a mechanical design diagram as a model that illustrates the relationships between sub-systems. When the sensor detects the LPG gas, the system activates the relay and indicator lights. In addition, this tool can send SMS in case of leakage of gas, so that action can be done quickly to stop the gas flow. In the detection of LPG gas leaks, there is a priority point of leakage, so the greater the output voltage of the leaked gas sensor comes out, the faster the time required for SIM800L to send reports and turn off relays. Modul SIM800L makes this system more effective because SMS notifications can quickly become accurate information to get serious handling.

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