Plaza R, M. Abu Jihad and Haliq, Haliq and Irawan, Chandra (2022) SISTEM PENDUKUNG KEPUTUSAN BALITA TERIDENTIFIKASI STUNTING MENGGUNAKAN METODE SAW. Jurnal Informatika, 22 (1).

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ABSTRACT Stunting is a condition that fails to grow in toddlers due to chronic malnutrition so that the child's height or length of te body is too short for his age. Malnutrition occurs from the baby in the womb and in the early stages of the baby is born, but the stunting condition only appears after the baby is 2 years old. Identification of stunting is one of the efforts to improve the health status of toddlers, so far the decision to determine toddlers affected by stunting is only based on height and weight so that the decision process becomes ineffective and the possibility of errors in the status of children under five being identified as stunting. In order to help the North Lampung Health Office program, a Decision Support System (DSS) was built for the determination of stunting toddlers. Simple Additive Weighting (SAW) method used in this system, the advantage of this method lies in its ability to conduct more precise assessment because it is based on the value of criteria and weights of preferences that have been determined, in addition SAW can also select the best alternatives from a number of alternatives that exist due to the ability of leveling or grading process after determining the weight value for each attribute. The criteria used by anthropometric measurements of children affected by stunting are Height by Age (HBA), Weight by Age (WBA) and Weight according to Height (WBH) and Body Mass Index by Age (BMI/A). The result of the calculation process of this system obtained the status of stunting toddlers as many as 7 children and 13 children in normal status

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