Andi Prayoga, Tri and Yuni Arkhiansyah, S.Kom., M.Kom., Yuni (2022) PENERAPAN RANCANGAN APLIKASI TRANSFORMASI OBJEK 3 DIMENSI MENGGUNAKAN METODE MORPHING. Skripsi thesis, Institut Informatika Dan Bisnis Darmajaya.

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Education is the most important part of human life and is the main aspect of creating quality human resources. Education can humanize humans to become individuals who are beneficial to life, both in the lives of the individuals themselves, the nation, and the state. Therefore education must be carried out as well as possible. The success of a nation lies in the quality of education that can improve the quality of its human resources. This method of Mesh Morphing is often also called Triangle Based Morphing. This technique is similar to feature morphing, but has a faster processing time and better selection of feature lines. This technique uses feature lines that form closed curves in the form of triangles. Same as in feature morphing, where the original feature line is paired with the destination feature line. In the morphing test with the mesh morphing technique, it can be seen that this technique really takes into account site point-site points in the original and destination images. Both in mesh morphing and selection morphing, the user must be smart in placing site points, so that the resulting morphing animation looks smooth. If you only have 1 image, or it's too difficult to get the appropriate target image, then it's better to use the selection morphing technique in making the morphing animation. Input capture can be done using a special camera or scanner that supports 3D modeling, so that it can produce better output. The detection of facial feature points on the location of facial features must be done as precisely as possible, so that the results obtained are better. Conduct trials and tests with a larger number of samples and a more varied face shape. The dimensions used are more varied.

Item Type: Thesis (Skripsi)
Subjects: Ilmu Komputer
Divisions: Skripsi/TA & PKPM/KP - Fakultas Ilmu Komputer > Teknik Informatika
Date Deposited: 07 Mar 2023 00:17
Last Modified: 07 Mar 2023 00:17

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